Edu Lyra: the entrepreneur who opened the eyes of the country’s greatest entrepreneurs to the favelas

The story of Edu Lyra and Gerando Falcões, an NGO working with the management model of Ambev, is the subject of an episode of the podcast From Zero to Top



SÃO PAULO – The coronavirus crisis has led entrepreneurs and companies of various sizes and sectors to practice solidarity, through donations and campaigns in favor of the population and more vulnerable professionals. But the country also counts on hundreds of entrepreneurs that made the social concern the target of their enterprises long before the coronavirus. In this sense, one of the main names is Edu Lyra.

The 32-year-old, who was born in a slum in greater São Paulo, is the founder of the NGO Generating Falcons. Since 2013, he has been able to raise funds with some of the country’s greatest entrepreneurs such as Jorge Paulo Lemann, Carlos Wizard, Flavio Augusto, Guilherme Benchimol, Rubens Menin and André Gerdau.

“I always wanted to show the young man in the favela that there are alternatives to the world of crime. That’s what my mother always taught me,” Lyra says. The story of the entrepreneur is the theme of the 46th episode of the podcast From Zero to Top. It is possible to follow and listen to the program through ApplePodcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Spreaker, Google Podcast, Castbox and other aggregators.

Gerando Falcões was born as a project to support young people in the region where Lyra grew up, but thanks to the high investments it received (and a piece of advice from Lemann that Lyra needed to “dream big”), the company is now a network that supports NGOs around the country to work in slums. Each chosen institute receives a financial contribution and needs to present convincing results year after year.

Lyra focused on developing the management of the institution and brought the Ambev model to the social world. Everyone within the organization has goals, performance evaluation, bonus and career plan. With this, the youngster hopes to take the NGO’s social projects to 1,200 Brazilian favelas (about 20% of the country’s favelas) in the next four years. “Our big dream is one day to put the misery of the favela in the museum,” he says. Check out the complete story in the podcast.

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The program has already received names such as João Apolinário, founder of Polishop, David Neeleman, founder of Azul, José Galló, executive responsible for the rise of Renner, Guilherme Benchimol, founder of XP Investimentos, Artur Grynbaum, CEO of Grupo Boticário, André Penha, co-founder of QuintoAndar, Sebastião Bonfim, creator of Centauro and Edgard Corona, of the Smart Fit network.


Author: Letícia Toledo Source InfoMoney

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