Hemorio starts blood plasma testing to treat covid-19

The State Institute of Hematology (Hemorio) starts this week a series of studies for the use of blood plasma from people who have been cured of the new coronavirus (covid-19) in the treatment of people with severe illness. The procedure studied is to collect that part of the blood that contains the antibodies, from people who have cured the disease. After being collected, the plasma is transferred to the body of patients who are infected with covid-19 and have a severe condition. This type of therapy is the same as that used in epidemics such as Ebola and H1N1. A similar study was done by Hemorio to treat dengue and good results were obtained in the laboratory. The idea is to create yet another alternative to combat the new coronavirus.

Patients who have already cured the disease are being called up and will be evaluated as potential plasma donors. According to Hemorio, studies with the so-called convalescent plasma have been carried out in France, Canada, Israel, Spain and China.


Author: Agência Brasil Source Money Times

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